We make online payments easy, fast, and secure

We make online payments easy, fast, and secure

Since 2017 we have been delivering payment and checkout solutions that optimizes and increase conversion for webshops.
Our mission is to make online shopping as frictionless as possible for both customers and Webshop owners. Therefore, we are continuously creating user-friendly solutions that make life easier, at least while shopping online.

Meet the team

Team Swiipe is 19 colleagues covering the areas of IT, Marketing and Customer Success. We work in an open environment, where we help and challenge each other in order to get better every day. We bring different skills to the table, but we all share the same goal - to make e-commerce friction free.

Anders founded Swiipe in October 2017, and is Swiipe's magical CEO. He is considered an octopus with one leg in each camp, but his main focus is on business- and strategy development. 

Christian started as CTO at Swiipe in July 2019. He is responsible for Swiipe's IT solutions, as well as the development of both front-end, back-end and Azure.

Patrik started in March 2022 as Swiipe's Sales Director for Scandinavia. His task is to further strengthen Swiipe's growth and ensure the build-up of sales outside Denmark's borders.

Lasse started at Swiipe in January 2022 and serves as COO. His primary focus is to streamline our business and ensure world-class customer experiences. 

Adele was involved from the beginning of Swiipe and started in February 2018. She is a UX designer and project manager, and she loves to be able to lead projects from idea to execution, beneficial for both companies and consumers.

Pernille started in March 2020 and works with communication and marketing at Swiipe. She has a great overview and prepares communication for all platforms so that Swiipe's brand and voice work optimally.

Ivan started at Swiipe in July 2018. He is Swiipe's full stack developer and an office prankster. He is usually the one venturing into new e-commerce systems with our plugin and paving a path for the rest of the team.

Dennis is Swiipe's full stack developer and has been working with us since October 2020. His primary job responsibilities are all about payments, including the development and integration of new payment methods.

Igor has worked at Swiipe since February 2019. He works as a full stack developer and has many functions in front-end and back-end development.

Miranda started in October 2022 as Customer Success; which means that her primary tasks consist of onboarding and communicating with our customers.

Maria started at Swiipe in June 2022, and with her vast experience in design, she has completely mastered Swiipe's visual identity and brand. 

Since March 2021, Amanda has handled the communication between Swiipe and our customers and partners, and she handles all customer success.

Michael started in Swiipe as a trainee in October 2018. He generally sits as a front-end and back-end developer, with the preparation of plugins for Swiipe Checkout.

Marco first started at Swiipe in September 2019, but after 2 years as a real estate agent, he is back as Key Account Manager from March 2022.

Kenneth started at Swiipe in April 2022 as an Account Executive, and can be caught on the phone all day long. With his many years of experience, he can easily guide our customers in their quest for higher conversion and order sizes.

Hugo is from May 2022 Swiipe's Swedish super-seller. His primary focus is to guide Swedish customers and spread Swiipe's vision and services to the new market.

Dominik started in March 2022 as a Junior Software Developer. This means that his primary tasks consist of developing both back-end and front-end as well as optimizing our services for new platforms.

Michael is a junior developer at Swiipe and he started in mid-April 2022. His primary focus is on development and optimization of Swiipe's services.  

Rune started as a developer trainee at Swiipe in the beginning of May 2022, and he works with development, testing and optimization of our existing services. 

Daria started as a Quality assurance tester in September 2022. She plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality and functioning services to our customers.

Ismail startede i januar 2023 og hans primære opgaver består i at ringe til potentielle kunder og sætte dem i kontakt med Swiipes account executives.

Michael startede hos Swiipe i februar 2023. Hans primære opgaver er kommunikation med vores kunder og support.

Do you want to be a part of Swiipe?

We are continuously looking for ambitious and talented team players, who are interested in improving online shopping experience and contributing to change in the payments market.
Have a look at our open positions, we might just have an offer for you. If not, you can always send us an unsolicited application.

the team

Our achievements

We have been producing results since 2017.
You can find our proudest and most recognized achievements below.

Oktober 2022
October 2022Payment link
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Our update of the Swiipe Portal means that it is now possible to send payment links to customers both via e-mail and SMS. This makes it easier than ever for customers to pay via payment links; and the service also means that we can support shops that do not have a webshop.

Send payment links
Oktober 2022
October 2022Plus-sell update
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It is now possible to purchase relevant products directly in the order confirmation email!

It has never been easier for customers to update their already placed orders with forgotten products – without having to pay for new shipping or re-enter purchase information.
Oktober 2022
October 2022Swiipe turns 5!
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As of October 1, 2022, we can celebrate half a decade of existence. Over the years, we have challenged existing payment solutions with our innovative services that optimize the entire online shopping experience. Every day we work to make Swiipe even better.

We are so ready for the next 5 years!
September 2022
September 2022Swiipe Ensure
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With Swiipe Ensure, we now give our Swiipe Business customers 2 payment gateways in one. This means that there is an extraordinary safety net which ensures that payments on the webshop go through, even if one payment gateway experiences downtime

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Maj 2022
May 2022Swiipe in Sweden
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Swiipe is now available in the Swedish market, and we have already onboarded the first customer.

This means that we also have Swish available among our payment methods, so your swedish customers can pay in their preferred way.

Maj 2022
May 2022Plugin for Prestashop
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Have a webshop on Prestashop? Swiipe is now available to you.

Contact us, so we can start the onboarding process and bring value to your shop as soon as possible.

Contact us
Marts 2022
March 2022Tech & Retail
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Swiipe is mentioned in Tech & Retail magazine 2022, where we talk about the payment solution of the future.

The article shines light on our Plus-sell service and our collaboration with a recommendation engine Hello Retail.

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Oktober 2021
October 2021Swiipe Plus-sell
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The service increases your average order value without costing conversion, as customers can purchase products on the "thank you" page.

Plus-sell turns the "thank you" page into a valuable additional sales channel, so you can increase your sales.

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Oktober 2021
October 2021Happy 4th birthday
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D. 1. oktober kunne Swiipe fejre 4 års fødselsdag. Det startede i 2017 på en flexplads hos Copenhagen Fintech Lab.

Siden da er det gået stærkt, og vi sidder i dag 15 mennesker - og hjælper mere end 500 danske webshops med at få en bedre kundeoplevelse med bedre konvertering og ordrestørrelse
Juli 2021
July 2021Swiipe Win-back
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Swiipe Win-back analyserer annullerede ordrer og hvis den annullerede ordre skyldes en fejl i betalingen, modtager dine kunder en SMS eller e-mail umiddelbart efter.

Beskeden indeholder et link, der genskaber indkøbskurven, så dine kunder nemt, hurtigt og sikkert kan gå tilbage og gennemføre betalingen på ny.

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Juni 2021
June 2021Vækstfonden and Finstart invests
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Swiipe har netop rejst et større 1-cifret millionbeløb via en investeringsrunde med Vækstfonden, Finstart Nordic og en række eksisterende investorer.

Dermed kan Swiipe fortsætte optimeringen af købsoplevelsen med mange nye services på tegnebrættet.

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February 2021Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV
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Swiipe er udtaget til Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV. Programmet er et unikt samarbejde med Mastercard og en række større banker, som betyder at vi kan arbejde endnu hurtigere på fremtidens betalingsløsninger.

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December 2020Swiipe Account-to-account
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Swiipe udbyder som de første i Danmark en konto-til-konto betalingsløsning til e-commerce markedet. Løsningen gør direkte kontooverførsler i webshoppens checkout muligt, og de høje gebyrer i betalingskæden kan dermed undgås.

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November 2020Regional finalist
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Swiipe bliver kåret til Regional finalist til EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020, og går dermed videre til landsfinalen som afholdes live.

Grundet Corona restriktioner er landsfinalen rykket til marts 2021.

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Oktober 2020
October 2020Nordic Startup Awards
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Swiipe bliver nomineret i kategorien "Startup of the Year" til Nordic Startup Awards. Vinderen findes d. 26 november 2020.
September 2020
September 2020Magento 2
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Godt nyt til alle Magento 2 webshops! Swiipe understøtter endnu en platform og det er nu også muligt at hente Swiipe plugin til Magento 2 foruden WooCommerce og Magento 1 webshops.
August 2020
August 2020MobilePay Online
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Med Swiipe PSP-service er det nu muligt at integrere MobilePay Online. Med MobilePay Online som betalingsmetode er det nemt for kunder at betale i webshops med bare ét Swiipe i MobilePay-appen.
Juli 2020
July 2020Nominated for EY
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Swiipe bliver nomineret til EY Entrepreneur Of the Year 2020 i kategorien Start-up. Vinderen findes d. 21. januar 2021.
Juni 2020
June 2020Swiipe Card Payments
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Swiipe lancerer Swiipe Kortbetalinger, som er PSP og indløsningsservice i ét. Det er en løsning, som sammen med Swiipe Checkout sikrer kunder en reel One-Click Buy købsoplevelse - da alle købsoplysninger, inklusiv kortdata, huskes på tværs af webshop, og for tilbagevendende kunder.
Maj 2020
May 2020Delivery preferences
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Swiipe husker nu hvordan kunder foretrækker at få deres varer leveret. Det betyder at der er endnu færre felter, som kunderne skal udfylde, da deres foretrukne leveringspræference automatisk udfyldes når de shopper på en webshop med Swiipe Checkout.
April 2020Magento 1
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Swiipe understøtter Magento platformen med et nyt plugin og får de første webshops fra ventelisten integreret på løsningen. Målet er at sikre et 2-cifret antal nye Magento webshops hver måned.
March 2020Google Maps integration
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Swiipe introducerer Google Maps Autocomplete integrationen til Swiipe Checkout. Funktionen tilføjer autoudfyldelse til adressefeltet, og gør det dermed hurtigere og nemmere for forbrugerne at gennemføre deres køb.
January 2020 Portal for Partners
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Swiipe sparker 2020 i gang med udgivelsen af partnerportalen, som skal gøre det muligt for webshop-bureauer automatisk at administrere og opsætte Swiipe for deres kunder.
August 2019Plugin for WooCommerce
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Swiipe plugin til WooCommerce lanceres, og det er nu muligt for webshops at integrere Swiipe Checkout på få minutter. Swiipe får hurtigt fodfæste hos webshopejerne og vokser med cirka 50 nye webshops pr. måned.
November 2017 Swiipe is founded
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Swiipe grundlægges af Anders Riis med missionen om at forbedre købsoplevelsen og gøre online betaling hurtigt, nemt og sikkert. Samtidig skal de høje betalingsgebyrer der er på markedet i dag minimeres ved hjælp af et nyt EU betalingsdirektiv, PSD2.

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