Swiipe Plus-sell

An additional service to Swiipe PSP

Plus-sell increases your average order value without costing conversion, as customers can buy more products directly on the thank you page (i.e. after the initial purchase is completed)

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What value does it bring?

We display product recommendations on the thank you page. This gives your customers a frictionless shopping experience both before and after they have completed the payment, while you get the value of the recommendation engine. 

Increase your average order value by offering recommended products on the Thank you-page
4 % of the additional sale via Plus-sell
Minimum fee 0.85 SEK
  • Free registration and no monthly subscription fees
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Plus-sell service requires

For the service to work, you must have Swiipe Checkout installed on your webshop, and an active PSP subscription for either Swiipe Basic or Business.

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How does it work

You are in a good company

Produktanbefalinger dækker i sin nuværende form 10 – 30 % af al e-handelssalg. Men med Plus-sell servicen aktiveret kan du forvente at øge din gennemsnitlige ordrestørrelse med op til 200 %. 

Se hvilke resultater servicen har skabt for andre webshops

Mentioned in the media

Swiipe is the first in the market to offer additional sales on the thank you page. In cooperation with a number of Danish recommendation engines, such as Clerk.io, Hello Retail and Raptor, we also ensure that the customer is exposed to the right products, which increase your average order size.

Read more about the revolutionary service in the articles published in the media below:  

Just launched

Optimized Plus-sell templates

You can now personalize the purchase flow on the thank you page, and choose to show products in a design, that, for example, rotates automatically, drawing more attention to the products.

Gift option

You can now motivate your customers to buy more on the thank you page by offering them a free gift of your choice, with their additional purchase.

Just published

We have just launched the option to purchase additional products directly from the customer's inbox, as we have included product recommendations in the order confirmation email. 

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