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Swiipe Payments

We make payments easy & secure

Swiipe is a payment and ID solution,
developed for you.

Simply login with Swiipe at the checkout, and we will take care of your payment by securely storing your data (encrypted and completely controlled by you). So you don't have to type it again, in any webshop using Swiipe.

You can store multiple addresses, emails, and have all your favourite payment methods in one place. Whether it's a card, invoice or MobilePay - just login with Swiipe and click "buy". It doesn't get easier than that.

You're in charge

You choose what information you store in the Swiipe account. And when you checkout with Swiipe, we only share the information needed to complete your order. Such as address or phone number. And we  only share it if you approve.
The control is yours. 

It's Easy

You can save multiple addresses, payment methods, and even several emails in one account. And you can manage your data straight from the checkout when you login with Swiipe. It takes one password and one click to confirm your order.
Sounds easy? Because it is.

It's Secure

Your safety online is very important to us. Therefore we encrypt your data and store it in a secure environment. So nobody has access to your private information, such as password or payment details,
not even us.
Now that’s secure.

It's Free

It costs nothing to shop with Swiipe. There’s no joining fee. There’s no maintenance fee.
There are simply no fees.
Not now, not ever.
The best things in life (like Swiipe) are free. 

Welcome to the future of shopping experience.
Lay back, relax and get that pair of sneakers you were after.
We will make sure it’s easy and secure.

Forget the times you had to carry multiple passwords around in a notepad.
The future is here. Don’t get left behind, demand Swiipe in your favourite webshop!


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