A selection of our customers

More than 500 webshops are using Swiipe as their checkout and payment solution. Here you can see a selection of our customers, and some case studies that show the benefits of our services to their businesses.

Go to Swiipe test shop and place a test purchase to see our solution for yourself, or book a demo today.

See a selection of our customers

Below you can see a selection of webshops that use Swiipe checkout and payments.
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Go to Swiipe test shop and place a test purchase to see our services in action. The first time you visit, login with a test Swiipe user provided in the checkout to experience our One-Click Buy flow, where all your contact and payment information are already filled in.

You are in a good company

Swiipe provides payments and payments related services to over 500 webshops in Denmark. See what our customers say about us on Trustpilot.


Vi udfører jævnligt casestudier for at kunne dokumentere effekterne som vores services har på live webshops. Tallene taler for sig selv, og viser at vores services både øger konverteringsgevinsten samt den gennemsnitlige ordreværdi. Se et udvalg af allerede gennemførte casestudier nedenfor. 

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