Take advantage of your entire purchase flow with product recommendations on the Thank you-page

Give your customers an enhanced user experience and create value throughout the entire purchase flow while increasing your average order value. Just add Swiipe Plus-sell to your Checkout

With Swiipe Plus-sell, your customers won't be taken to the classic Thank you-page after their completed purchases any longer. Instead, they get the opportunity to purchase new recommended items, and thereby avoiding additional delivery fees as well as re-entering their purchase information. This means they can add more items to the same order, after the original order is completed. They thereby experience fewer disruptions in the primary purchase flow while your webshop's average order value increases.
Graf over hvor produktanbefalinger skal placeres. Swiipe Plus-sell forventes at generere endnu flere konveteringer

Provide your customers with a better customer experience

Product recommendations in their current form cover 10-30% of all e-commerce sales. It's expected that this number will increase sharply when the product recommendations integrate into the entire buying experience, instead of being limited to the pre-purchase experience.

Swiipe has now placed the product recommendation on the Thank you-page that your customers are taken to after the purchase of the original order has been placed.

Øg din gennemsnitlige ordreværdi uden at koste konvertering;
giv dine kunder muligheden for at tilkøbe produkter på kvitteringssiden.
% of the additional sale via Plus-sell

  • Free registration and no monthly subscription fees

This is how it works

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