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We make shopping online fast, easy and safe, so everyone can enjoy it

Why?  We believe shopping online should be easy and fast, for everyone. Without putting you and your data at risk. The way it works right now is just not good enough, so, it has become our mission to make it better.

Swiipe’s vision is to improve the entire online shopping experience so online shopping becomes as easy and fast as it is to pay physically in a store. The overall goal is to create user-friendly solutions, to benefit both customers and webshop owners – so that everyday life becomes easier when shopping online.


These are our achievements that we are most proud of, and which have been mentioned in the press on several occasions.
Oktober 2021
October 2021Swiipe Plus-sell
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The service increases your average order value without costing conversion, as customers can purchase products on the thank you-page.

Plus-sell turns a relatively worthless thank you-page into a valuable additional sales channel, so you can increase your sales and get more effect from your marketing dollars.

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Oktober 2021
October 2021Hip hip hurray - 4 years
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On October 1, Swiipe could celebrate its 4th birthday. It started back in 2017 at a flex site at Copenhagen Fintech Lab.

Since then we've been busy, and today we are 15 people - and help more than 500 Danish webshops to get a better customer experience with better conversion and higher order size
Juli 2021
July 2021Swiipe Win-back
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Swiipe Win-back analyzes canceled orders and if the canceled order is due to an error in payment, your customers will receive an SMS or email immediately after.

The message contains a link that recreates the shopping cart so that your customers can go back and complete the payment again.

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Juni 2021
June 2021Investment from Vækstfonden and Finstart
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Swiipe has just raised a large 1-digit million amount via an investment round with Vækstfonden, Finstart Nordic and a number of existing investors.

Thus, Swiipe can continue the optimization of the shopping experience with many new services on the drawing board.

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February 2021Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV
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Swiipe has been selected for Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV. The program is a unique collaboration with Mastercard and a number of major banks, which means that we can work even faster on future payment solutions.

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December 2020Swiipe account-to-account
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Swiipe are the first in Denmark to offer an account-to-account payment solution for the e-commerce market. The solution enables direct account transfers in the webshop's checkout, and the high fees in the payment chain can thereby be avoided.

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November 2020Regional finalist
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Swiipe bliver kåret til Regional finalist til EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020, og går dermed videre til landsfinalen som afholdes live.

Grundet Corona restriktioner er landsfinalen rykket til marts 2021.

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Oktober 2020
October 2020Nordic Startup Awards
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Swiipe is nominated in the category "Startup of the Year" for the Nordic Startup Awards. The winner will be announced on November 26, 2020.
September 2020
September 2020Magento 2
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Good news for all Magento 2 webshops! Swiipe supports another platform and it is now also possible to download the Swiipe plugin for Magento 2 - in addition to WooCommerce and Magento 1 webshops.
August 2020
August 2020MobilePay Online
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With Swiipe PSP service, it is now possible to integrate MobilePay Online. With MobilePay Online as payment method, it is easy for customers to pay in webshops in the MobilePay app.
Juli 2020
July 2020Nominated for EY
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Swiipe is nominated for EY Entrepreneur Of the Year 2020 in the Start-up/Scale-up category. The winner will be announced on January 21, 2021.
Juni 2020
June 2020Swiipe Card Payments
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Swiipe launches Swiipe Card Payments, which is PSP and acquiring service in one. It is a solution that, together with Swiipe Checkout, ensures customers a real One-Click Buy shopping experience - as all purchase information, including card data, is remembered across the webshop, and for recurrent customers.
Maj 2020
May 2020Delivery preferences
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Swiipe husker nu hvordan kunder foretrækker at få deres varer leveret. Det betyder at der er endnu færre felter, som kunderne skal udfylde, da deres foretrukne leveringspræference automatisk udfyldes når de shopper på en webshop med Swiipe Checkout.
April 2020Magento 1
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Swiipe supports the Magento platform with a new plugin and gets the first webshops from the waiting list integrated on the solution. The goal is to secure a double-digit number of new Magento webshops each month.
March 2020Google Maps integration
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Swiipe introduces Google Maps Autocomplete integration with Swiipe Checkout. The feature adds auto-fill to the address bar, making it faster and easier for consumers to complete their purchases.
January 2020 Partner portal
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Swiipe kicks off 2020 with the release of the Swiipe Partner portal, which will enable webshop agencies to automatically manage and set up Swiipe for their customers.
August 2019WooCommerce plugin
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The Swiipe plugin for WooCommerce is launched, and it is now possible for webshops to integrate Swiipe Checkout in a few minutes. Swiipe is quickly gaining a foothold with the webshop owners and is growing with approximately 50 new webshops per month.
November 2017 The founding of Swiipe
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Swiipe was founded by Anders Riis with the mission to improve the shopping experience and make online payment fast, easy and secure. At the same time, the high payment fees that are on the market today must be minimized by means of a new EU payment directive, PSD2.

Core values

Our core values are expressed in many ways - they are found both in the way we solve, as well as prioritize tasks, and in how we communicate with our colleagues and partners. But one value that is paramount is our focus on customers, as they are the whole foundation behind Swiipe's existence.

We are true to our values. We remain authentic and honest, even in difficult times. We stand together as one team and we are all involved in realizing Swiipe’s goals – and that is a task we take very seriously.


Unity plays a key role in Swiipe. We are a team whose strengths lie in our differences and backgrounds, and we believe that with creativity we can go a long way. We stand together to create and improve the online shopping experience of the future.


We are persistent and focused on realizing our vision; to improve the online shopping experience and add value to customers. It is a passion that we all share as our customers are the backbone of Swiipe’s existence.


We have high ambitions and professional development is a prerequisite for our continued innovation, so we can achieve our goals. At Swiipe, professionalism is about acquiring new knowledge, tools, and processes, so we get better and stronger.

Team Swiipe

We are an international, ambitious, and energetic team from several background and disciplines, and we believe that our strengths lie in our differences and team mentality. We love working across the team, being social, and celebrating our successes together. We have created an informal workplace where diversity, humour, and endless creativity are a natural part of every day life.

Anders founded Swiipe in October 2017, and is Swiipe's magical CEO. He is somewhat of an octopus with one arm in each camp, but focuses mainly on business and strategy development. Swiipe is like Anders' third child, where good and ambitious colleagues play a major role in developing the world's coolest product. Anders brags with the fact that he never gets sick because of his 16 hour napa cures everything.  

Christian started as CTO at Swiipe in July 2019. He is responsible for Swiipe's IT solutions, as well as the development of both front-end, back-end and Azure. 
Christian is Swiipe's tireless workaholic, and he loves being able to enhance the online shopping experience. In addition, Christian is not pale for giving an opera appearance in the office when he hasn't worked until 3AM.  

Adele was involved from the beginning of Swiipe and started in February 2018. She is a UX designer and project manager, and loves to be able to lead projects from idea to execution -
for the benefit of both companies
and consumers.
 Furthermore, she is in charge of social interactions in the team, and she loves to bring the team together so she can beat us all in fussball.

Ulrik started at Swiipe in April 2020 and is our senior salesman. With his many years of experience and outgoing, charismatic nature, he is the perfect link between Swiipe's partners and customers. Ulrik is happy to pitch and sell Swiipe due to our unique service that gives new customers an "aha" experience. In addition, his curious mind makes him a skilled stalker on LinkedIn.

Pernille started in March 2020 and works with marketing and communication at Swiipe. She has the big overview and prepares communication for all Swiipe’s platforms so the brand and voice are represented optimally. Pernille sees Swiipe as an inspiring and exciting workplace, with world-class colleagues whom she enjoys sharing a glass of wine with on every decent occasion.

Michael started at Swiipe as a trainee in October 2018 and is therefore Swiipe’s diligent student.
He generally works as a front- and back-end developer, with the preparation of plugins for Swiipe Checkout. Michael loves the atmosphere and the collaboration across the office, as he believes we are a great team who benefit from each other’s company.

Ivan started at Swiipe in July 2018. He is Swiipe’s biggest pranker and his primary tasks are to develop, improve and fix the services and plugins that the eCommerce systems use.

Ivan is what we like to call a “gambler” and he uses his special techniques when it is time for our daily card game, which often results in fun outcomes. Ivan also love Swiipe as he sees it as an inspiring, innovative, and passionate company.

Dennis is Swiipe’s latest IT expert and he started in October 2020. For Dennis, Swiipe is a company with huge potential and a place where the work tasks range widely, so he can develop his skills and professional profile. Dennis is a fantastic and optimistic colleague who gets to work early, and he is known to show off his salsa skills and musical talent whenever the opportunity presents itself – which we love.

Igor has worked at Swiipe since February 2019. He works as a full stack developer and is known as the Team Swiipe member who most often forgets meetings, as he works remotely from his office in Ukraine. Igor has many skills in front- and back-end development and he loves Swiipe because the communication amongst the whole team is phenomenal even though he is not physically present in the office.

Ariane started at Swiipe at the end of December 2020 and she is our super-supporter who is responsible for the IT communication between Swiipe and our customers. Ariane loves Swiipe because of the unity of the office and the joint efforts to create value for our customers. Ariane is always ready to give a good laugh and with her mere 19 years she is one of the office's youngest talents. 

Malthe started at Swiipe in early January 2021, and he is an apprentice in the IT department as part of his education. Malthe loves working at Swiipe, as we make payment easier in webshops with our exciting products. When Malthe is not working, he runs on the Danish national team in orienteering, and he is therefore used to being fast - not only on the keyboard.

Amanda is the newest member of Team Swiipe, and with her background as a business student specializing in B2B, she is perfect to be such a big part of Swiipe's technical support team. Amanda started at Swiipe in the beginning of March 2021, and she loves being part of Swiipe's dynamic team, where she acts as both our technical and moral supporter.


Do you want to be a part of Team Swiipe?

We are constantly looking for ambitious talents who will help improve the online shopping experience, as well as contribute to future growth for Swiipe.

Take a look at our job openings, hopefully we have a dream job that suits you – and if none of our current job openings match your profile, feel free to send us an unsolicited application.
Swiipe CEO Anders og CTO Christian