Swiipe Ensure

Part of the Swiipe Business package

With Swiipe Ensure, you get a payment solution with 2 payment gateways in one. This means that we route transactions to another payment gateway if the primary gateway has downtime.

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2 payment gateways in one

Fall-back solutions for 2 payment gateways are usually only used and developed in-house by the very large international brands, but with Swiipe you get it out-of-the-box as part of the Business package

The service is just an extra security that we at Swiipe would like to offer our customers

A service that routes payments to another payment gateway if the primary gateway is down.
Included in the Swiipe Business package
  • No start or extra monthly fees
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The Ensure service requires

For the service to work, you must have Swiipe Checkout installed on your webshop, as well as use the subscription plan: Swiipe Business. 

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