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We make shopping online
quick, easy and safe, so everyone can
enjoy it

Why? We believe shopping online should be easy and fun, for everyone. Without putting you and your data at risk. The way it works right now is just not good enough. And we are making it better.

That's why we developed Swiipe – an ID, without ulterior motives. So you can use one Swiipe login to shop on multiple websites. Pay the way you like, be it a card, MobilePay or something else. With just one click. And take back control of your data, by safely storing and managing it in one place.

Our core values

  1. BE TRUSTWORHTY – Integrity is the foundation of Swiipe. We stay authentic and honest, even when it's hard, and always take our commitments seriously. 
  2. BE BOLD & OPEN MINDED - Innovation is a big part of our company. And since there is no one correct way to be creative, all ideas, all voices and all concerns are encouraged, and heard at Swiipe. 
  3. KEEP THE USER IN MIND - You are the reason behind Swiipe. That is why we include research and user testing in our development cycles, and keep our focus on improving your experience and bringing value to you.
  4. KEEP LEARNING - Constant improvement is a vital part of our Startup. And we are learning every day. If ability to pick up a new tool or a concept, and become an expert within hours is not a super power, we don't know what is.

Meet the team

Anders Riis

CEO & Co-founder

Caspar Oreskov

CTO & Co-founder

Catalina Ciucu

Law & Payment Regulations Advisor

Steffen Kjellberg

Senior Sales Manager

Dan True

Tech Lead

Adele Mikoliunaite

User Experience Designer

Leonardo Pedrazzoli

Graphic Designer

Alex Petrisor Giurca

Full Stack Developer

Magnus Valur Hermannsson

Full Stack Developer

Trine Parsberg Mortensen

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Ivan Napolskykh

Full Stack Developer


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