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Swiipe Payments

We make payments easy & secure

No more abandoned carts due to the lack of payment options. No more cancelled checkouts because it’s taking too long. No more expired cards on your subscription services. Boost your sales with Swiipe.

Conversion boosting

Swiipe comes with its own checkout flow, which is easy, quick and secure. We save your customers data, so they never have to type it again, when shopping with Swiipe. Nothing converts better than one click buy.

Retention lifting

With Swiipe your customers can manage all their data in one place. So it’s always up to date.
More returning customers, less subscription exits, higher retention rates.

Low cost

Implementing account to account transactions through PSD2 will significantly reduce your transaction costs. Subscriptions will no longer be based on cards that can expire or get abandoned. That's some serious reduction in costs.

Easy to implement

Swiipe is designed for the world's easiest implementation. You won’t need to watch updates stuck in the pipeline each time a new payment option is added. And your IT department will love you. So easy.

Swiipe is a GDPR compliant and PSD2 ready payment solution, developed for your business, with your users in mind. We will provide you with the whole checkout flow that is user friendly, supports multiple payment options, integrates to the biggest e-commerce platforms, and is very easy to implement.

  • FLEXIBLE - Swiipe payments engine supports multiple payment options, such as debit and credit cards, MobilePay and Betalingsservice. We have also integrated our solution to the biggest e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. It’s that flexible.
  • GDPR COMPLIANT - We take security and data protection very seriously. Therefore, we make sure Swiipe meets GDPR principles each and every day. We're that compliant.
  • PSD2 READY - With Swiipe you get PSD2 ready solution, so you won’t need to make any changes when PSD2 goes live in 2019. We’re that ready.
  • PREPARED - From 2019 September two factor authentication will be required for all payments, even cards. But don’t worry, we’ve got this. And by that time we will have a tested and easy two factor solution ready for you, so your conversion rates won’t fall. We’re that prepared. 

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